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What is MIID?
A: Malaysian Institute Of Interior Designers

What is MSID?
A: Malaysian Society of Interior Design

What is IPDM?
A: Institute Pereka Dalaman Malaysia

What is ASID?
A: American Society of Interior Designers

What is PAM?
A: Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia

What is IIDA?
A: International Interior Design Association


What is the responsibility of a Interior Designer?
A: Responsibility to public, clients, interior designers & colleague, professional, and employer

Explain each of the answer with detail.
A: Responsibility to public :-
1.comply with all existing laws,regulations & codes as extablished by the state
2.shall not seal or sign drawing, specification, or other ID documents
3.consider the health, safety and welfare of the public

A: Responsibility to clients :-
1.shall clearly set forth the scope and the nature if the project
2.shall not divulge or utilize information of clients without permission

A: Responsibility to other interior designers & colleague :-
1.shall not interfere another interior designer's contractual or relationship with a client.
2.shall not initiate and activity might unjust injury another interior designer reputation.
3.should respect confidentially of their professional activities.

A: Responsibility to professional :-
1.agree to maintain standard of professional.
2.shall seek to continually upgrade professional knowledge.
3.encourage and contribute to sharing knowledge and information

A: Responsibility to employer :-
1.shall not taking drawing, design, data or other material relating to work
2.shall not divulge any confidential information.


What is contractor and subcontractor?
A: The person, persons of firm, partnership or company contracting for these work.


Giving the example of INSURANCE POLICIES.
A: Public Liability, Contractor's All Risk, Workmens's Compensation

1. Proprietary specification
2. Descriptive specification

3.Performance specification
4.Reference specification